ULFA release Pro-China video signals Proxy war


The United Liberation Front of Axom (ULFA) has released two pro China videos through its You Tube Channel signaling proxy war by China in the coming days in this part of the Country.

As the Indo-China standoff continued from Galwan to Arunachal Pradesh, ULFA sprung up suddenly in defense of the China blaming India for all the border skirmishes since 1962.  In the video both in Assamese and English released over the past two weeks, ULFA gave lengthy pro China justifcation.

These videos has actually signaled that China could be restarting a proxy war in  the North East India through the ULFA and Naga insurgents, something they had  stayed away since 1971.

ULFA video in their You Tube channel

However the intelligence source looking at the You Tube released videos said that ULFA leader Praesh Barua had to release these type videos as he and remaining few members of the ULFA were surviving with the support of the Chinese establishment in the Wa state of the China -Maynamr border.

“It is obvious that Paresh barua will release such video. Otherwise they will be killed ” said the source. Meanwhile the Government of India is keenly observing the law and order situation in Nagaland as Governor R N Ravi and Nagaland Government are on collision course.

The Governor has been accusing the state government of failing to control the law and order situation while the State Government has rejected Governor’s claim. The Governor has in fact written letter which had already surfaced in local media embarrassing the Government.

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