ULFA(I) slams NIA

The proscribed ULFA(I) in a press statement slammed National Investigation Agency (NIA ) for accusing them in the Dhola mass murder incident that shook the entire country on November 1.

“We the “United Liberation Front of Asom [Independent]” have noticed the National Investigation Agency [NIA], a so called investigative agency under colonial GOI has submitted a so called preliminary report on the killings that happened in Dhola in Tinsukia district on November 1, 2018 and accused us for the incident. Our organisation made it clear in our earlier press statement that we are not involved anyway in the killing and again through this press statement we vehemently reject this accusation and challenge the NIA to inform the people of Asom and us on what ground and proof they are accusing our organisation for that killing. It is well known fact that when the colonial GOI machineries are involved in any killings, the killers are never brought to book and in the name of investigation, the investigative agencies always deviate the minds of people, accuse other organization like ULFA[I] and the truth never prevails, We, therefore reject this report as this is a reflection of their propaganda, which is false and contrary to the facts”, said the statement.

ULFA(I) also challenged NIA and Assam Police in the statement and informing the people about the secret killings that happened in Assam and also to unveil informations about missing Rebati Phukan.

Accusing the investigative agencies of the country to be corrupt and immoral, the statement said, “There is no need to repeat how corrupt and immoral are the investigative agencies like RAW, NIA, CBI, CID and MI under the colonial GOI. Though, we feel IB is slightly different from the rest, however, they are not above suspicion as the recent row on bribery & corruption is a glaring example. NIA is not holier either. We along with the people of Asom have understood that the investigative agencies like NIA are being used as tools by the GOI and ruling BJP to fulfill their vindictive agenda. We would like to remind NIA once again that way back in 2008 that in the investigative agencies preliminary report accused us for the serial bomb blast in Guwahati, however the truth prevailed at the end”.

Earlier on November 2, Assam DGP Kuladhar Saikia has claimed that the Dhola firing incident was a brainchild of the banned outfit, ULFA. The DGP made these shocking revelations in context of NIA’s complaint on the incident.

It may be noted that earlier ULFA had denied any responsibility of the incident.

Stating that ULFA is involved in the Jagun and Charaideo kidnapping cases, Saikia has further claimed that the extremist outfit has been indirectly active.

Off late it has come to light that ULFA has been involved in a number of attacks and that the number of youths joining the outfit has also increased. It may also be noted that books on ULFA have been one of the bestsellers in the 2018 Northeast Book Fair.

This rising trend of joining ULFA has become a topic of concern for the people of Assam.


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