Ultra-nationalism of both sides led to Sadiya killing


Assamese-Bengali war of words, fueled by ultra nationalism in both sides, led to the killing of 5 innocent Bengalis near Sadiya last night by the suspected ULFA militants.

With the arrogance of the BJP brimming over on the Citizenship Amendment Bill, the killer was targeted to kill two birds in one stone, first teach Bengali community a lesson and secondly sent a terse message to the BJP on the bill.

The needle of the suspicion of last night’s killing was squarely on the Mrinal Hazarika and Jiten Dutta’s group as their boys were tom-toming to give Bengali community a lesson.

But the whole hatred between Assamese and Bengali erupted for boastfulness f a few Bengali leaders supported by ultra nationalist elements Guwahati based media.

Soon jingoism laced statements flew from both sides and it was matter of time before the killing took place. The ultra nationalist Assamese forces just walked into the trap set up by the vested interest.

Below the surface of usual round of condemnation, the general Assamese are not so much bothered as they feel that ULFA was sufficiently provoked by few Bengali ultra nationalist and paid the price.

But broader question is, will the arrogance of the BJP over CAB help militancy to revive in Assam as general Assamese people feel democratic protests are going nowhere?

The murdered youths were reportedly sitting in a shop near Sadiya town when the cadres of the proscribed outfit picked them up and took them to the banks of the Brahmaputra river.

The suspected militants then lined up the youths and shot them dead one by one, officials told News18. The deceased persons have been identified as Subal Das, Shyamol Biswas, Abinash Biswas, Ananta Biswas and Dhananjoy Namasudra.

Condemning the killings in tweets, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee linked it to the National Register of Citizens in Assam.

“Terrible news coming out of Assam. We strongly condemn the brutal attack in Tinsukia. Is this the outcome of recent NRC development?” she asked. “We have no words to express our deep sorrow to the grieving families. The perpetrators must be punished at the very earliest,” she added.

The TMC has announced rallies in different parts of north and south Bengal, including Siliguri and Kolkata, on Friday to protest against the incident, while the All Assam Bengali Youth Student Federation has called for a 12-hour Tinsukia bandh.

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