Uncertainty prevails over completion of NRC works by June 30


Uncertainty has prevailed over publication of the final draft of NRC by June 30. Non-completion of verification of legacy and panchayat data among others have led to this uncertainty.

It may be mentioned here that the Supreme Court of India had directed officials to complete the verification of all documents by May 31. However, the same has not been completed.

State NRC Coordinator Prateek Hajela last month issued a directive to all DCs across Assam that family members of those declared as foreigners by the Foreigner Tribunals (FT) will not be included in the list and if included earlier, shall be removed. Cases are also to be registered against those individuals. This task, however, is near impossible to complete within a period of one month.

The state government’s role has also taken a doubtful turn. The Supreme Court had directed the government to not transfer officials associated with the upgradation of NRC; ignoring the directive, Goalpara DC has been transferred by the government. This shall undoubtedly affect the NRC upgradation process.


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