Union Health Ministry Identifies 14 Hotspot of COVID-19


The union home ministry has identified 14 hotspot areas vulnerable to COVID-19 across the country. However, no states from Northeast are included in the hotspot list which is a great relief for the people of the region.

The list of the areas is as follows:

  1. Dilshad Garden- Delhi
  2. Nizamuddin- Delhi
  3. Noida- Uttar Pradesh
  4. Bhilwara- Rajasthan
  5. Kachargarh- Kerala
  6. Pathanamthitta- Kerala
  7. Kannur- Kerala
  8. Mumbai- Maharashtra
  9. Pune Maharashtra
  10. Indore- Madhya Pradesh
  11. Jabalpur- Madhya Pradesh
  12. Ahmedabad- Gujarat
  13. Ladakh
  14. Yawatmal- Maharashtra

The hotspot areas are those where the patients of Severe Acute Respiratory Illness have been increased rapidly and those patients are tested positive of COVID-19.

According to the source of the health ministry, the hotspot areas will include more names in the future.

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