University of Hyderabad students oppose CAB


The Assamese students of the University of Hyderabad have unitedly voiced against the Centre’s decision to introduce the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) in the Parliament. They also extended their support to the ‘Ranahungkar’ programme organised by the students of Cotton University on Friday (December 6).

In a video message, the Assamese students, who are currently studying in the University of Hyderabad have said that the CAB would nullify the historic Assam Accord. “We can’t accept the bill at any cost. It will harm Assam and the people of the State,” said a student of the university.

“The CAB will endanger the identity, culture, heritage, and livelihood of the people of Assam,” added another.

They urged all sections of people especially the student community to take part in the ‘Ranahungkar’ programme.

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