UP: COVID Patient Dies After Jumping From Hospital


In a shocking development, a 21-year-old COVID-19 patient jumped off the fourth floor of a hospital he was admitted to and died in Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi on late Sunday night.

Reports say he made a similar attempt hour before he died. At that time, other patients had intervened and stopped him from doing so. The deceased was reportedly a mental patient.

A NDTV report quoted SK Mathur, the medical superintendent of Sunder Lal Hospital as saying, “Last night a patient jumped out of the fourth floor of the Covid ward of BHU Hospital. The hospital administration said the patient had been brought to the emergency ward on August 16, when he was found to be mentally unwell. He was later found corona-positive and was being treated for both.”

He added, “On the morning of the 23rd he was trying to jump but people calmed him down. But later that night this sad incident happened.”

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