Upamanyu defends Hajela’s transfer


Senior lawyer Upamanyu Hazarika, also the chief of an anti-infiltration forum, on Wednesday, said that there was a disproportionate reaction to NRC coordinator Prateek Hajela’s transfer. Hazarika also defended Hajela and said that the latter was a functionary in the system responsible for implementing the NRC.

Countering the criticism faced by Hajela, Hazarika said, “As far as faulty implementation of the NRC is concerned, while Mr. Hajela might have his share of responsibilities but during the five year monitoring process by the Supreme Court where regular updates were provided by him none of those who vehemently criticised him chose to bring his faulty policies to the notice of the court.” Releasing a press statement Hazarika further added that it was the leaders, who have built their identity on the foreigner’s issue were trying to pass the blame onto Hajela and the Supreme Court.

On the other hand, speaking on the allegation faced by Hajela regarding the financial irregularities in NRC, Hazarika said that as Hajela was part of the Government system whether he is in Assam or in Madhya Pradesh; he is always at disposal of any investigation, if undertaken. “It seems that the political class which thrives on commissions feel deprived that they did not have a say in the distribution of the NRC funds and therefore could not make any gains or commissions out of it,” read the statement released by Upamanyu Hazarika.

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