US Airstrike Hits Vehicle Carrying Suicide Bombers Heading Towards Kabul Aiport

Amid violence in Kabul, a US airstrike reportedly hit a vehicle carrying “multiple suicide bombers” just outside Kabul International airport on Sunday.

As per reports, the vehicle had targeted the ongoing American military evacuation at the airport but was unsuccessful as they were hit by the airstrike before they could enter the airport.

The strike came at a time when the United States was winding up their airlift of tens of thousands from the now Taliban-ruled Afghanistan.

Earlier today, a rocket struck a neighbourhood just northwest of the airport, killing a child. It is believed that the two strikes are of the same incident, however, information on both remain scarce.

On Saturday, Kabul witnessed deadly suicide blasts at the airport, killing over 180 people.

ISIS had claimed responsibility for the blasts.

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