US withdraws Iran attack plan


US President Donald Trump had ordered an attack on Iran in retaliation for shooting down American Drone by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps but called off the operation few hours before the attack was about to take place.

Trump described the shooting of the Drone Navy-Rq-4 ‘a very big mistake’, as according to US officials the drone was operating in the south off the coast of Iran and was around 21km away from the nearest point of Iran’s coast.

It is not yet clear why Trump pulled off the operation. but the news of an attack on Iran had already heightened fears that America and Iran are on their way towards a military confrontation.

Both Iran and America have given different accounts about the location at which the drone was flying. while Iran has claimed that the drone entered its airspace, US military officials have described Iran’s move as an ‘Unprovoked attack’ over one of the world’s busiest and most important waterways.

Trump has condemned the attack but has also said that he finds it difficult to believe that it was intentional. Standing alongside Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the white house he said that the drone may have been shot down without the knowledge of Iranian Leaders.

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