Vegetable Touches Skyrocketing Prices Due to Flood

With the flood which hit the entire state of Assam, vegetables have touched sky-rocketing price and vegetable vendors have fixed the price according to them as there is no one to monitor and the Food, Civil supplies and Consumer Affairs department has been blind on the soaring prices of vegetables.

Taking advantage of the flood, the vegetable traders have hiked the prices of vegetables which put the consumers in a dilemma to buy vegetables. One needs to think twice before they stepped into the vegetable market.

The vegetable prices are not less than Rs. 40 per kg which becomes difficult for the people to buy. “Excessive rain in the last few days and flash floods are the reason that there are less production of vegetables for which the prices have gone up,” said one of the traders in Dalgaon in Mangaldoi.

The trader also said that it is expected to rise the price further if the weather remains the same.

The vegetables mainly come from Dalgaon, Kharupetia in Mangaldoi and Meghalaya to Guwahati. The vegetables which sold at Rs. 15 at wholesale price are being sold at Rs. 40 at retail price while the vegetables which sold at Rs. 25 in wholesale rate are sold at Rs. 50 at retail price. The vegetables which sold at Rs. 50 at wholesale rate are sold at Rs. 100-120 at retail price.

The prices of Green Chilli stood at Rs. 200 per kg, Pointed Gourd (Potol) at Rs. 40-50 per kg, Yardlong Beans (Lesera) at Rs. 60-70 per kg, Tomato at Rs. 80-90 per kg while Papaya is being sold at Rs. 50 per kg, Carrot at Rs. 120 per kg, Capsicum Rs. 100 per kg.

Due to the rising scenario of flood, the production of vegetables has become less and the agricultural fields have also seen reeling under flood for which there is no production of vegetables. The traders have rushed to the market with the small quantity that they have been able to bring for sale. In the last two-three days, the prices of vegetables have increased up to Rs. 5 to Rs. 10.  

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