WATCH: Priyanka Gandhi’s Unusual Campaign holding Snake in Raebareli

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra while  campaigning in eastern Uttar Pradesh for the remaining stretch of the national election, was seen holding up snakes today in Raebareli.

While on a campaign trail in Rae Bareli Thursday, the Congress general secretary for Uttar Pradesh (East) gave her supporters a few anxious moments during an interaction with snake charmers at Hansa ka Poorva in Bela Bhela village.Priyanka Gandhi was seen interacting with a group of snake charmers when she picked up the snakes from a box and petted them.

Congress General Secretary for Uttar Pradesh (East) Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was on Thursday caught on camera playing with snakes during a public meeting in the state. She was seen holding snakes when she met snake charmers in UP’s Raebareli.

Priyanka also held in her arm a baby snake as she gave them a patient hearing.

WATCH: Priyanka Gandhi’s Unusual Campaign holding Snake in Raebareli

When she was warned by the people around to be careful with the snakes, she was heard saying ‘nothing would happen, its fine”. She asked the snake charmers about the people in the area and even spoke to them about what kind of snakes do they have.

Though snake charming has long been associated with tradition, it is a banned activity under the Wildlife Protection Act.

“Ideology of Congress and BJP is poles apart. We’ll always fight them; they are our main adversary in politics. We’ve made sure not to benefit BJP in any way. We’re fighting strongly, our candidates are strong,” Said by Priyanka Gandhi.

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