WC 2019: The Champion You’ve Never Seen Before!

There will be a never seen before World Cup champion on Sunday.

Both the teams have been in a final earlier – New Zealand in 2015 too, England in 1979, 1987, 1992 – however have thwarted their supporters by stopping at the last hurdle.


This contest holds out the promise of an adventure story notwithstanding England – given home advantage and in rampaging kind – are clear favourites.

New Zealand has systematically punched higher than their weight, creating by removal deep to emerge from sundry crisis – against India within the semis, West Indies in the league phase – to stay their ambition alive. They’re not getting to surrender simply.

The two groups are a study in distinction. England nowadays is just like the New Zealand team of 2015 underneath Brendon McCullum – all aggression and ostentation.

New Zealand, meanwhile, has reverted to a more illiberal, almost old England approach, aiming to seize crux moments.

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