“We Can’t Impose Lockdown Anymore” – HBS

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State governments can’t impose lockdown anymore. Such decisions can only be taken by the Central government henceforth.

This was informed today by Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma in a clear reference to the Unlock 4.0 guidelines recently issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Sarma, therefore, urged everyone to wear masks and maintain social distancing, as his government’s power to clamp lockdowns has ceased to exist post the Central guidelines.

He, however, cautioned that the state government was going to be stricter than before in ensuring that people wear masks. In the same breath, he added that the Judiciary has issued an order in favour of penalizing the ones not wearing masks.

Hence, the Minister said that the government has decided to charge Rupees 500 for not wearing masks. Additionally, if the same person commits this offence twice, he will have to cough up double that amount as penalty.

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