What happens to toppers after HSLC?


by Himakshi Thakuriya

Data reveals that most of the students who secured positions in HSLC examinations have failed to maintain tempo in their Higher Secondary examinations.

Records show that in the last three years out of 298 rank holders in HSLC only 18 students have managed to secure a position in the HS examinations.

Out of 298 HSLC rank holders, only 18 students secured a position in HSSLC

HSLC rank holders failing to secure a rank in HS is not something new, however, the rate has increased in the past decade or so.

“While choosing the stream after HSLC, many students get confused. After securing a position or high-level percentage, they usually choose science or commerce stream rather than arts. During the time they are in school, the students are under immense surveillance and boundaries. However, during HS most of these boundaries and surveillance are not there and it affects their performance in the examination,” said Karabi Barman Das, faculty of Uttar Kampith College, Jagara.

As per data in the last decade, a majority of HSLC rank holders has fallen from grace by the time they appeared their HS.

But in earlier times, people who did average results in HSLC, they did more better results in Higher Secondary examinations. But the degrading results of students in later examinations depict another story.

The difference between a rank holder and an average student is only that the rank holder knows, all eyes are on him. He or she has reached the highest pedestal that should be maintained. This is the pressure imposed upon the rank holders by society and the system. And about the average section, who can do far better result in later examinations are somehow ignored.

But, what happens to rank holders later in life?  Understanding the concepts and utilizing it in a proper way is the success of meritorious students.  Here the question arises, are they actually able to properly utilize the concepts later in their practical life?

According to Dipika Devi, a teacher of Paschim Chamata High School, “there are various reasons for the failure to maintain the same tempo and rhythm. As students enter into adolescence stage, which is a transitional stage of physical and psychological development, they face many hindrances. Social media and other sources of distraction can easily motivate them. Students feel more independent during Higher Secondary stage. Concern and importance level regarding regularity and attendance become low. It causes the overall degradation.”

“Most importantly, without having proper knowledge of the book it is impossible to gain success. Over reliability on the tuition and coaching centers are spoiling the ability to gather knowledge. It is quite necessary to feel and find out what are the defects, what are the weaknesses! : She added.

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