What to expect in 2020 Assam budget

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In just hours from now, Assam Finance minister Himanta Biswa Sarma will be presenting the state’s annual budget on Friday at 2 pm for the fiscal year that starts on April 1.

The common man, the industry and the market have a wide range of expectations from the Finance minister. FM Sarma will present the budget in the electronic format for the second consecutive term.

This will be the last full-fledged Budget being presented by the BJP-led government before its term expires in 2021. The budget comes at a time when India is trying to get its growth back on track and create enough jobs for its workforce.

Friday’s budget may adjust the personal tax brackets that would give consumers more disposable income to spend. The state government is likely to strengthen already announced measures designed to help farmers.

Social sector measures including a sustained push toward providing electricity to households in villages, improving the availability and quality of health care and education, as well as efforts to develop skills are also expected.

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