What will happen in Rajya Sabha today?

Citizenship Amendment Bill



  1. The CAB Bill will be moved by Home Minister Rajnath Singh in the RS
  2. Protest continues all over the North East India
  3. Lok Sabha passed the bill on January 8
  4. Ruling party has less numbers on papers
  5. If the Congress allows debate and division then anti CAB bloc is strong
  6. BJP would like to pass it today, if not tomorrow
  7. Bhupen Hazarika’s family denounced Bharat Ratna for CAB
  8. NPP may withdraw support from Manipur Govt if CAB passes and Manipur government can fall
  9. BJP-BSP-NPF remains undecided
  10. BPF may oppose the CAB
  11. 4 MPs suspected to have taken leave
  12. Govt is not sure about  their numbers
  13. Pro CAB – 110,  Anti- CAB: 120, Abstention-1: Non committal: 13

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