Where is Rs 1 crore paid to Assam judge’s wife?

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Where is the Rs 1 crore paid to a wife of a judge  as a bribe to influence the legal course to the jailed APSC scam stars.

The stunner came as a form of a Police Charge sheet, on Thursday night, which clearly mentioned that two lawyers acting on behalf of the APSC scam stars, hatched a plan to buy favourable judgment and paid Rs 1 core in cash to wife of the said judge handling the case of the APSC scsmastars.

The phones of the two lawyers were tapped, voice authenticated by Forensic laboratory and the duo Sailendra Sarma Barua and Surajeet Chaudhury were arrested.

But where is the Rs 1 crore and why the wife of the judge, who herself is also a judge, is not yet arrested? The Dibrugarh police is investigating and closing on the net and the role of a controversial television journalist, was also suspected as he was supposed to play a main role brokering the deal and keep some money for himself, while routing the Rs 1 crore to the wife of the Judge.

The said Judge, had himself moved to the High court, seeking probe but the Charge sheet of  Dibrugarh police opened the lid. This is for the first time in independent India’s history a charge sheet was filed by police telling that wife of a judge was paid rs 1 crore.

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