Who is Bijoy Axom?


The name in almost all the headlines on all the regional leading news channels is Bijoy Axom. He was involved in the Guwahati Grenade attack which injured 11 persons.

The prime accused in the Guwahati blast was nabbed from his relative’s place in Tinsukia in a joint operation of the Guwahati police and the Tinsukia Police on Tuesday. Presently, thorough interrogation is underway in Latashil police station.

But who exactly is Bijoy Axom?

A resident of Tingkhang in Dibrugarh, Bijoy was formerly known as a car thief, who was also accused in murder of drivers of stolen car.

In 2011, he was involved in the sensational murder of Rupali Rongpi, pertaining to which he was arrested by the CID, Assam. During Rongpi’s murder, Bijoy was known by his alias Papu Koch.

After Bijoy was released from the jail, serving his term in the Rupali Rongpi murder case, he had joined ULFA(I).

Presently, the Guwahati blast prime accused has been arrested by the CID.

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