Who stitched FM’s Red Bag?

More than the Union Budget 2019-20, what grabbed all the attention was the red clothed folder, ‘Bahi Khata’ that was witnessed being carried by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Friday in parliament.

Sitharaman told reporters that her aunt had stitched the cloth in the style of a big envelope —or bahi-khata — and took it to the two temples to seek the blessings of Ganesha and Mahalakshmi.

The aunt, who she calls her ‘mami’, also attended Parliament to listen to Sitharaman’s speech.

“I thought it is high time we move on from the British hangover, to do something on our own. And well, easier for me to carry too,” Sitharaman said.

The red-cloth envelope was then given an official look with the pinning of the national emblem — Ashoka Chakra.

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