Why Bihar onion sellers wearing helmets?


At a time, when prices of Onion have reached Rs. 100 per kg mark, a cooperative marketing society of Bihar has been selling onion at Rs. 35 a kg in Patna since Friday. The move was taken to provide relief to people from the skyrocketing price of the vegetable.

But the employees of Bihar State Cooperative Marketing Union Limited (BISCOMAUN) were seen wearing helmets while selling onions. According to sources, they were wearing helmets only to protect themselves from any possible public outrage. They were apprehensive that the people could go berserk at any time, though there was no dearth of onions.

People were seen standing in long queues, waiting for hours, outside the mobile outlets of BISCOMAUN to get onions at Rs. 35 per kg. Each individual will get a maximum of two kg of onion at the rate of Rs 35 per kg.

“The administration has not provided any police protection to us, so we do not have any other option but to wear helmets to save ourselves,” said an employee.

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