Why voters are angry with BJP?


‘Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR)’ conducted a survey of over 2.7 lakh voters across India to get a drift of voter sentiment and behavior.

Ahead of Lok Sabha elections, the non-governmental organisation ADR survey suggested that Indian voters are disappointed with the Modi government’s performance on issues like jobs, healthcare and drinking water in the past five years.

The ADR Report gave the BJP government an average rating of 2.15-2.55 out of 5.

  • Employment was the top priority for nearly 46.8 percent, while healthcare was on top for 34.6 percent.
  • Potable water was a priority for 30.5 percent.

For rural voters, better job opportunities were the main issue.

Urban voters- who gave terrorism and military strength more importance were 4.1 percent and 5.18 percent respectively.

The non-partisan, non-governmental organization Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) conducted this survey between October and December 2018, before the Pulwama attack of February 14, which led to escalated tensions between India and Pakistan.

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