Wild elephant terror continues in Krishnai

The terror of wild elephants continues to prevail in Krishnai and its nearby areas.

As per reports, a group of 25/30 wild elephants have destroyed the houses, plantation and a repository of the locals of the Krishnai and nearby regions. Moreover, livestock also has to die due to a wild elephant’s attack. Somehow the 7 families of the village could save their lives.

Due to the elephants attack the houses of Dipen Bashumatary, Diganta Bashumatary, Bipul Daimary, Bikash Daimary, Dipcharan Daimary, Mahesh Daimary and Dhanan Daimary have completely destroyed.

It has been alleged by the locals that, despite informing the Forest department, they have not taken any step in this regard yet. Due to the rapid attack of the wild elephants in the region, the locals have to pass sleepless nights.

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