Wild elephant terror in Samaguri


The terror of wild elephant has been being continued across the State.

Reportedly, the locals of Samaguri, have to pass sleepless nights, due to the terror of wild elephant. The terror have been increased to such extend that, the elephants have destroyed bighas of paddy field in Hahsara, Baraligaon and many more regions.

As per reports, to get relief from the terror, the locals of the villages finally seek help of God. On the day of “Ganesh Chaturthi”, the locals arranged a Ganesh puja following the complete rituals and prayed to Lord Ganesha to rescue them from the terror because according to them, God is only their last hope.

It has been alleged by the locals that, despite they have informed to the Forest Department to do something but no action has been taken by the department in this regard.

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