Wildlife Make it to Road Due to Increasing Human Habitation in Guwahati

Wild Animals have started roaming around Guwahati creating havoc amid people in the recent days.

On Thursday night, a leopard was reportedly seen resting on the highway corner at Pandu area of Guwahati.

While a couple of wild elephant were seen to be eating from a Guwahati Municipal Corporation dustbin at Satgaon on Friday morning.

As per sources, the wild elephants came from Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary in search of food.

With the visit of wild elephants early in the morning, terror filled among the locals of Satgaon.

Similarly, terror filled at Pandu area after a leopard was spotted at the Pandu-Kamakhya Route in the city.

With the increase of human habitation in and around Guwahati, the wild animals of the area are losing their personal space.

The human invading the wildlife spaces have resulted in the scarcity of food for these animals.

As a result, the conflict between these wild lives and human is seen to be increasing causing deaths to both man and animals.

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