Will AGP join UPA under Mahanta?

The AGP and BJP are clearing their decks for formal split today as both the party president in an identical and choreographed way addressed news conferences in their respective party head quarters simply to buy some time.

If the AGP shot off another letter to the BJP State President Amit Shah warning of split if the citizenship Amendment Bill(CAB) is passed, the BJP also left the matter of AGP to their central leadership.

Timing, modus operandi and tenor carries unmistakable “time buying” move by both the parties. There are two camps within the AGP. Prafulla Kumar Mahanta camp, which is larger and stronger, are in favour of coming out of the BJP right way and veering the party towards the grand opposition alliance.

On the other hand the Atul Bora- Keshav Mahanta camp want to hang around with the NDA. The party insiders of both the parties informed that today’s pres conferences were actually to keep Prafulla Kumar Mahnata at bay for the time being.

The BJP is worried that Mr. Mahanta might take the party UPA way and attempts are on to thwart them. At this moment Mr Mahanta commands more MLAs then Atul Bora –Keshav Mahanta.

However Assam political scene is likely to see some interesting development in the next 72 hours following the results of five states as well as Panchyat poll.



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