Will Bihu be possible in Assam this year?

> Will Bihu be possible this year?

> Corona onset expected in the next three weeks?

> Can Bihu be stopped for Corona?

With just three weeks to go for the biggest calendar event for Assam, the Bihu, the state is nervous whether to hold it or not.

Bihu is a great festivity and there will be a lot of social engagements and that is exactly where the Coronavirus will like to spread.

To prevent the spread of coronavirus pandemic in the State, the Assam government on Sunday declared that all schools, colleges, universities, gymnasiums, swimming pools and cinema halls will remain closed till March 29.

During this period, except the CBSE and other Board examinations, all other examinations will stay postponed.

But all are keeping their finger crossed about Bihu as no one is certain how India or Assam will be after March 29.  Already the theatre industry is gone and almost in the red.

But the biggest social congregation is during the Rongali Bihu. Although Assam is lucky that no coronavirus cases are so far reported in Assam but that is going to change in the next three weeks as it is going to be in the stage -II.

The Bihu organizers are also equally nervous as a lot of preparations have been done like all previous years but this threat could not have come on the worst time.

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