#WithdrawEIA2020: Rahul Gandhi slams govt over draft


Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday slammed the Centre over the draft Environment Impact Assessment (EIA), saying it must be withdrawn to stop “environmental destruction”.

“EIA 2020 draft must be withdrawn to stop #LootOfTheNation and environmental destruction,” Gandhi tweeted.

Gandhi alleged, “This (EIA) is another dreadful example of what the BJP government has been doing for its select suit-boot ‘friends’ who loot the resources of the country”.

On Sunday, Gandhi had urged people to protest the new EIA 2020 draft, saying it was “dangerous” and, the long term consequences would be “catastrophic”.

Gandhi said the draft was not only “disgraceful”, but “dangerous” further using the hashtag ‘WithdrawEIA2020’ and added, “Not only does it have the potential to reverse many of the hard-fought gains that have been won over the years in the battle to protect our environment, but it could also potentially unleash widespread environmental destruction and mayhem across India”.

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