Work permit only reality: MHA

The Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA) have started realising that deportation of any Bangladeshi is not possible and the work permit is the only solution after a country wide NRC.

The top sources of MHA admitted that NRC of Assam gave them the confidence that same might be replicated all over India where it would be much easier to implement because of already existing data bases like Aadhar and less presence of illegal infiltrators.

In Assam, although none of them are willing to go on record, the MHA official admit candidly that residual of the 40 lakh of the final draft, must be given work permit.

Although this was not an ideal solution for most of the people of Assam but that seems to be the reality which slowly every stake holders are accepting.

As per the work permit formula, those having names in the NRC will give all benefit of the government and those do not have names, can not vote, can not buy land and can not apply for any government job.

The Government has also accepted the fact that it would not be possible to send back lakh of people to Bangladesh and the deportation process would take years. Sources pointed out that under the present system of deportation of persons declared as Bangladeshi nationals by the Foreigners’ Tribunals, the names and original addresses of the persons are sent to the Government of Bangladesh and after verification, they either accept or refuse to take them back.

It is a long process and only last month, 52 Bangladeshi nationals were deported at one go. The Union Home Minister, during his recent visit to Bangladesh, took up the matter with the Government of Bangladesh, but a sovereign country cannot be forced to accept the verdict of the Foreigners’ Tribunals in India.

Sources said that at present, the Government of Bangladesh is not hostile to India, but at the same time, the neighbouring country cannot be expected to take back lakh of people.

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