World Cup washouts | Ganguly invents solution


After the India vs New Zealand match was washed out due to incessant rain in Trent Bridge, Former Team India Captain Sourav Ganguly has come out with an ingenious idea that could help the ground staff to get the pitch ready for cricket right after the rain stops.

Ganguly, who is in England as part of the commentary panel, suggested a change in the type of covers that are being used in the country.

Ganguly told the official broadcasters, “The covers that are used in India, at the Eden Gardens are from England and using them here (in England) would have meant spending half the cost and it is also tax-free, so they should have used those here anyway. In India, we use these covers for all matches, so that when the rain stops the match can resume within 10 minutes. They are very light covers, it’s not difficult to lift it, you don’t need too much manpower. The blue covers that were used earlier in India used to take more than 10 times the time and people in comparison to now.”

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