World Environment Day | Necessity of man-made forest in Assam


In days when global warming has been increasing day by day, here is a need to create numbers of man-made forests with the already existing two numbers of such forests in Assam, the Bhairabkunda forest in Udalguri district and the other Molai forest in Jorhat district.

The sandy forest land in Bhairabkunda has been created in effort for long term conservation amid the gloom of large scale deforestation in Assam by villagers of six villages. This community initiative has been taken under Joint Forest Management (JFM) with the regenerated forest expanse of 5500 bigha already emerging as a shelter of wild animals and birds.

On the other hand, Jadav Payeng who is popularly known as the forest man of Assam has planted and tended trees on a sandbar of the River Brahmaputra turning it into a forest reserve. The forest which is called Molai forest named after him is located near Kokilamukh in Jorhat which encompasses an area of about 1360 acres/550 hectares of land.

the existing reserve forests and wildlife sanctuaries are being occupied by the people for which the animals don’t get food and place to live in but the forest created by Payeng houses Bengal Tigers, Indian rhinocerous and over 100 deer and rabbits. It is also home to monkeys and several varieties of birds including a large number of vultures. There are several thousand trees including valcol arjun (Terminalia Arjuna), ejar (Lagerstroemia Speciosa), goldmohur (Delonix Regia), Koroi (Albizia procera), moj (Archidendron begeminum) and himolu (Bombax Ceiba). Bamboo covers an area over 300 hectares.

Moreover, a herd of around 100 elephants regularly visits the forest every year and generally stay for around six months and they gave birth to 10 calves in the forest in recent years.

Deforestation is increasing day by day and to avoid global warming, we need more forests made by man. Instead of cutting trees, we need to plant more and more saplings in order to create a pollution free environment.

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