World Photography Day: Assam Dedicates the Day to Danish Siddique

Photograph speaks, photographs speaks the significance of a story. Photography is a very important medium of storytelling and it is one of the few mediums which can convey a feeling instantly and more effectively than words can.

Today is the day to honour the photographers who narrates our story through their photographs. World Photography Day is celebrated every year on August 19. The day is observed all over the world to celebrate the art, craft, science and history of photography.

A photograph has the ability to capture a place, an emotion, an experience, an idea and a moment in time.

World Photography Day in Significance to Assam

Assam also celebrated World Photography Day and the Assam Photo Journalists’ Association also celebrated the day and dedicated this day to Danish Siddique who was killed in a Taliban attack at Afghanistan few days ago.

Senior Journalist Sushanta Talukdar also forwarded a speech on Danish Siddique’s life and career.

The Assam photo journalist association also honoured senior photo journalist of Assam Rajiv Bhattacharyya on the occasion of World Photography Day.  

Photo journalists are those who at times also put their lives at risk to capture the best moment of an event, a programme or of a incident be it bomb blast, be it accident, war etc.

World Photography Day: History

History of World Photography Day can be traced back to late 1830s when Louis Daguerre developed the first-ever photographic process by inventing the ‘daguerreotype’. According to, The French Academy of Sciences on 9 January, 1839, announced the process. It was followed by the French government announcing the invention as a gift free to the world on 19 August, 1839.

Therefore, 19 August is celebrated every year is World Photography Day.

World Photography Day: Significance

As mentioned above, Photography is one of the most significant storytelling medium. A good photograph is often timeless. One can appreciate it the day it was clicked and even after 50 years.

Being a visual medium, it also informs and makes us more aware about the world we live in.

World Photography Day 2021 Theme

In 2020, the World Photography Day theme was ‘Pandemic Lockdown through the lens’. In 2019, World Photography Day theme was ‘Dedicated to History’. ‘Be Nice’ and ‘Understanding Clouds’ were the themes of World Photography Day in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

The invention and technological evolution of the camera enables people to capture photographs which plays a key role in all our lives today. World Photography Day celebrates the art of taking pictures across the universe. This day is celebrated with much fervour and zeal by photography enthusiasts, wildlife photographers, photojournalists, fashion photographers and even amateur photographers. This day also encourages people to take interest in the field and can even make their careers in it. 

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