World Population Day Observed today


World Population Day is observed on July 11 every year. World Population Day seeks to raise awareness about population issues related across the world. The World Population Day was announced by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme in 1989.

World Population Day educates youths to avoid unwanted pregnancies by using population country measures. Approximately 800 women die every day due to pregnancy-related complications and out of these 20 per cent of the women are from India.

According to the UN, every year approximately 83 million people are added to the world’s population and by 2030, the world population is expected to reach the 8.6 billion mark.

India’s population has reached 1.37 billion, according to the recently released United Nations World Population Prospects. Many newly married young people, both male and female, want to delay their first pregnancy but are unable to act on their desires because of objection from family members, lack of knowledge or the means to do so. The recent National Family Health Survey shows that as many as 22% of married young women aged 15-24 have wanted to delay their next pregnancy or wanted no more children, but were not using a contraceptive method.

In 2050, India’s population is projected to be 1.69 billion, which will be higher than that of China. The population of China is estimated to be 1.31 billion in the same year. With rising of population demand for water is projected to be more than 50 per cent and food will double in the year 2050 and even manages to feed its expanding population, its growth may not be ecologically sustainable.

With depleting natural resources, it is impertinent that careful management of the population becomes a standard protocol so as to not exhaust the resources available. As such, there are countries which have developed population policies to combat the explosion.

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