World’s smallest woman votes in Nagpur


Jyoti Amge, the world’s shortest woman who made a guest appearance in reality TV show Big Boss in 2012, today posted a photo of herself on her Facebook profile, showing an inked finger.Sporting a red-and-checks sleeveless dress, the 25-year-old woman at 2 feet, 1 inch, patiently stood in the queue and exercised her franchise.

She was accompanied by her father, mother and other family members.

Jyoti Amge was born and brought up in Nagpur, where the current sitting Member of Parliament (MP) is union minister Nitin Gadkari. The 25-year-old Jyoti,standing only 62.8 cm tall, was seen walking to the polling booth in a bright red frock. People quickly recognised her and greeted her warmly.

On her Facebook post, she uploaded three photos with the caption “Vote”; she is seen holding her voter identity card and showing her inked finger.

“I request all people to vote. Please vote first and then go to complete all your other works,” Amge told the media as she displayed her marked finger.

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