Yamaha launches electric trial bike


Japanese manufacturer Yamaha has launched an electric trial bike to replace traditional bikes and motorcycles.

Taking advantage of unique features of electrical power for Motorcycle trials, Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd developed the TY-E electric trial bike.

The electric bike includes high rotation type compact high-power motor for high off-road performance with both powerful low-speed torque and extended acceleration.

One of the test riders of the bike “The first time I had a chance to ride the TY-E, I thought it would be like riding a typical electric bike. But, after experiencing its great performance I can say that electric vehicle technology has reached very high level that it is now difficult to tell the difference between an electric bike and engine bike.”

The bike is made from a carbon fibre monocoque frame to achieve weight reduction, which is an important element of motorcycle trial sport. It is equipped with a mechanical clutch that secures instantaneous power and control.

(Source: ANI)

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