YS Reddy announces pension for senior citizens


YS Jaganmohan Reddy announced Rs. 3,000 as pension per month for senior citizens in the state immediately after he has sworn-in as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh today after bifurcation.

Reddy announced the scheme for senior citizens which is his first major announcement after swearing-in as the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister. He also asserted that there would be corruption-free governance in the state.

Announcing the scheme, Reddy said that every senior citizen would get at least Rs. 3000 monthly pension and this would be my first signature after he assumes the office of the Chief Minister. He said that the scheme would begin with Rs. 2,250 and it will be increased up to Rs. 3000 within three years.

Reddy further stated that there will be corruption-free governance across the state and that a call centre would be set up as the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) to address the corruption charges and everyone will have the access to the CMO.

The new CM of Andhra Pradesh also stated that over one lakh jobs will be created by October 2. He also reiterated that from pensions to fee reimbursements, the people of AP can now get them sanctioned within 72 hours by the Gram Secretariat adding that the YSRCP government will create around 1.6 lakh jobs by next Gandhi Jayanti. Power tariffs will be brought down in the state and within six months to one year, people will see a change in this government.

Reddy further stated that by August 15, they will provide 4 lakh jobs to people as village volunteers at a salary of Rs. 5000.  

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