Zeenat Aman Praises Nagaland for its Scenic Beauty


Veteran Bollywood Actress Zeenat Aman has said that she is mesmerized by the beauty and cleanliness of Nagaland adding that Northeastern state is full of talent- be it in music, painting, or other art forms.

The actress has made the statement while she had come to support Former Miss Nagaland 2012 during a special non-commercial photo shoot in Mumbai on Thursday. Speaking to media at the event, Zeenat Aman said, “I have visited Nagaland and it is such a beautiful place. The people there are warm, lovely and friendly in nature. I have to say that there is so much of talent there- be it music, painting or other art forms.”

She also said that the state is one of the cleanest places in India which is very beautiful and scenic. People there take pride in keeping everything neat and clean. She also stated that the people in Nagaland decorate their houses by planting trees and flowers. I have fond memories of places I have visited in Nagaland, the actress said.

The Bollywood actress, while praising the former Miss Nagaland Imlibenla Wati said that she was so happy to meet this young lady. “She has won many competitions like Miss Nagaland, Miss India Elite and Miss Asia Pacific India, so it’s very relevant because she was the first person to win Miss Asia. According to me, she is very beautiful, intelligent and soft spoken,” said Zeenat Aman.

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