Zubeen starts bus drive from Mumbai

Zubeen Garg

Stuck over a month in Mumbai, Zubeen Garg has begun a long 2500 kilometre journey home with wife and four friends in a bus.

Zubeen had gone to Mumbai for a follow-up check after his heart ailment of February. But he got stuck and since then was confined to his flat at Mumbai.

But when sleeper busses offered the service, he and his friends chartered the bus and had left Mumbai yesterday. They are expected May 12 and once reached all of them will be home quarantined if they are found asymptomatic.

Zubeen Garg
Zubeen Garg

Meanwhile, Assam Cancer patients and their family struck in Mumbai for the past two months due to Coronavirus has begun an arduous 2500 km five-day journey to Guwahati in six heavy-duty sleeper coaches.

The massive exercise was led by Devasish Sharma of  Assam Bhavan, Mumbai who has personally taken the lead and covering the distance along with another ENT specialist Dr Neelakhi Chaudhury.

There are altogether 132 patients and attendants in this convoy of six vehicles which left Mumbai yesterday and expected to reach Guwahati between may 12-May 13 roughly covering 500-600 kilometre a day.

The busses are sleeper coach and it has been stocked with medicines and essentials.  Assam Government has taken care of the transportation cost besides lodging, food and on-road oxygen cost. Once reached they would be kept in quarantine.

This is one of the riskiest transportation of cancer-stricken people over such a long distance.

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