Zubeen’s ‘Puwali’ passes with flying colors


Zubeen Garg’s very own ‘Puwali’ scores 94% marks in Music in the recently declared HSLC results.  Kalpajyoti Bania is a student of Mangaldoi Higher Secondary School, who is lovingly called as ‘Puwali’ by the Youth Icon- Zubeen Garg.

Zubeen’s ‘Puwali’ passes with flying colors

 Kalpajyoti who hails from a very poverty- stricken family, earned on his own for his educational expenses. Being interested in music from his very childhood, Kalpajyoti had been passionately practicing various musical instruments.

Lately he has been seen playing instrument with Zubeen in various cultural programs. He had been practicing various instruments under the guidance of the singer.

In future Kalpajyoti dreams of doing some research study in the field of music.

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