10 Questions you always want to ask about NRC?


335 ‘Declared Foreigners’ are ready to walk out of the Detention Centre of Assam any time as per the Home Ministry directive opening up a window for all the future NRC excluded ones to come out of the detention centres after 3 years.

It may sound intriguing, but the bare fact is that anyone declared foreigners in Assam by Tribunals has only to walk into a detention centre of Assam, spent 36 months in semi captivity in taxpayers money and then walk out with some minor formalities devoid of political rights.

Here are the 10 questions you always want to ask on NRC:

1.If  NRC exclude 30 lakh people and they are eventually declared foreigners by Foreigner’s Tribunal, they will return to normal life after three years of detention?

Ans: Yes. Although they will be stateless officially but effectively they will return to their normal life minus the political right of voting.

2. Can they continue to work for their livelihood and open a bank account or have a PAN card?

Ans: They will as Supreme Court in all likelihood ask the Centre to give a piece of paper so that these people could lead a normal life, open a bank account, have a PAN or Aadhar card and carry on normal activities.

3. What is this paper?

Ans: There is no name to it but this is actually the Work Permit for this stateless people, something ruling party dread to announce for political reasons but shall get it through an SC ruling.

4. Can detention centres hold the NRC excluded ones?

Ans: No. Present detention centre capacity is 1000. Being expanded to 6000. But we have around 20-30 lakh cases coming up after August 31, 2019.

5. So there is no benefit of NRC then?

Ans: Not really, at least Assam will come to know who are Indians and who are not.

6. Is this not a gross human right violation?

Ans: Yes it is. The 40 lakh people are gone through a life changing traumatic environment. But still, all are accepting this human right violation for ending the decade long stigma of being suspected as Foreigners.

7. Will the right-wing elements and the AASU will accept the final  NRC figure?

Ans: Unlikely because the figure will be highly debated and NRC will make no one happy.

8. Can the identified foreigners be deported?

Ans: No they cannot be deported unless Bangladesh accepts them as an Indian citizen. So far in the past 40 years, 128 Bangladeshis have been deported.

9. Is there any possibility of rising of radical elements from disgruntled Muslims who feels persecuted through NRC exclusions?

Ans: Yes there are possibilities. A very very small number of people might turn radical and can keep the whole region unstable with their activities and the region is going to feel the heat for a long time.

10. After NRC will the infiltration issue come to an end in Assam?

Ans: Unlikely as it is the holy cow and everyone is benefitted by the same. Most of the stake holders will use some new avenues to work for and against the final figure. There will be litigations and demonstrations to make it longer.  NRC is a cash cow for legal fraternity opening up a business of Rs 500-Rs 1000 crore,

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