Akhil Gogoi’s Press Meet on APSC scam

“Only 10% bogus officers have arrested so far; however 90% APSC scamsters are yet to be identified" - Gogoi.


KMSS leader Akhil Gogoi on Saturday alleged that the investigation into APSC cash-for-job scam is not progressing in right direction.

“APSC investigation team has failed to arrest number of individuals involved in the scam. A huge Number of officials, who got APSC jobs through unfair means, have not been arrested because they are close to influential ministers and political leaders” Gogoi alleged.

“Only 10% bogus officers have arrested so far; however 90% APSC scam stars still are yet to be identified” – Gogoi.

A stunner came as a form of a Police Charge sheet, on Thursday night, which clearly mentioned that two lawyers acting on behalf of the APSC scam stars hatched a plan to buy favourable judgment and paid Rs 1 core in cash to wife of judge Prasanta Kumar Saikia for handling the case of the APSC scamster Pallavi Sharma Choudhury.

Sailen Sarma offered a bribe to the judge on behalf of Surajit Choudhury, who happens to be the husband of Pallavi Sharma Choudhury, former Circle Revenue Officer, Mangaldoi.

The police have arrested lawyer and BJP worker, Sailen Sarma Barua and real estate builder, Surajit Choudhury on charges of trying to manage the APSC investigation.

Akhil Gogoi also added in his statement regarding the said Charge sheet, and asked Investigating officer of the case Surjeet Singh Panesar that where is the Rs 1 crore and why the wife of judge Prasanta Kumar Saikia, who herself is also a judge, is not yet arrested?




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