1176 bighas of land allotted to ‘Kanyaka’ led by Padma Hazarika


Bringing a ray of hope to many educated unemployed youths of the greater Jamuguri area, the state government has decided to allot 1176 bigha land to Bharali Paria Kanyaka Bahumukhi Paam.

“To encourage youth in agriculture and allied sectors, the CoM has approved allocation of 1176 bighas of land to the Bharali Pariya Kanyaka Bahumukhi Paam led by MLA Padma Hazarika”, CMO Assam tweeted.

Presently about 2000 bighas of land along the Bharali River are teeming with a rich growth of vegetables like banana, lemon, watermelon, and vegetables since last year. Different kinds of crops including cabbage, potato, black gram, mustard seed, sesame (til), brinjal, peas, wheat, cauliflower, pumpkin, bottle guard, and other leafy vegetables are growing in the area thereby giving a fresh look to the field.

More than 300 people engaged in the farm are now seen toiling throughout the day in the field. The farm has been able to put up a good show in the agricultural field by cultivating different crops. Not only that, stressing the organic side of the agricultural sector of the region, the farm also lays importance on vermin-compost projects wherewith the selling of organic inputs, farmers have also imparted training on how to get involved in healthy farming.

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