12k Employees of NRC Exempted from Job


Twelve Thousand employees of the National Register of Citizens’ (NRC) have been exempted from service with effect from Saturday, November 30.

The employees will have to submit all the contents and documents to the concerned authorities on December 1 who were involved with WIPRO.

However, the NRC authorities have not provided the proof sheet to the 19 lakhs people who have been left out of NRC published on August 31 last.

It may be mentioned that the process of updating of state’s part of NRC in the state of Assam started in the year 2013, when the Supreme Court of India passed an order for its updation and it was since then that the employees were working under WIPRO.

However, the final NRC was published on August 31.

It has been found that a total of 3,11,21,004 numbers of persons are found eligible for inclusion in the final NRC leaving out 19,06,657 numbers of persons. After the final publication chaos erupted amongst people regarding inclusion and non-inclusion of names. While many have objected towards the NRC saying that it is not a correct NRC, others say that it is a correct NRC.

Meanwhile, union home minister Amit Shah said that work for the new NRC will start soon in the state.  

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