217 Assam Govt. schools closed due to lack of students

In Assam 217 governement schools have been closed due to lack of students and they are merged with the neighbouring schools. Altogether 2600 schools have been merged.

This shocking picture came following two rounds of Gunotsav and it was evident that in 217 schools there are no students at all. Meanwhile in another 2600 schools, the number of students have become so negligible that they were merged and the staff and teaching materials were clubbed.

It is a paradox despite government push, appointment of thousands of teachers and handsome salary, the reputation of government schools were so badly damaged that only 10% students of the most downtrodden class go to government schools.

This is very frustrating for the teaching community as thousands of good teachers have joined in these schools in the last few years only to find no students to teach.

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