Assam mulls Johnson Baby shampoo sale ban


If you are still using Johnson Baby shampoo, stop it. The power may cause cancer in the long run as it has the residuals of asbestos and they are cancer-causing curseogonic.

This was repeatedly proved world wised and the apex child rights body of India not only asked all states to stop sale and especially see sample results of Assam, and Andhra Pradesh (south), Jharkhand (east), Rajasthan (west), Madhya Pradesh (central) as they have a long history of active cancer patient.

In a letter to chief secretaries of all states, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) ordered stoppage of sale of Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo and also removing the product from stock of shops after Drug Testing Laboratory, Jaipur declared it of substandard quality as the presence of formaldehyde was confirmed in it.

The apex child rights body had sought sample test reports of Johnson’s baby shampoo and talcum powder from authorities of five states — Andhra Pradesh (south), Jharkhand (east), Rajasthan (west), Madhya Pradesh (central) and Assam (northeast) — after reports of presence of asbestos and carcinogenic substance in them emerged.

The order to stop sale was issued after test reports of the baby shampoo sample from Rajasthan came in. It is yet to receive the test reports from the other four states. It has asked the Drug Control Officer of Rajasthan to send the test report of the talcum powder at the earliest.

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