5 Accountants arrested in Sonari

Five accountants have been arrested on bribery charges by the police in Sonari.  The accountants allegedly took bribe from many Panchayat Secretaries to cover up the corruptions in the Village Panchayats.

The arrested accountants are Rafikuddin Ahmed and Saikat Bhattacharya of Guwahati, Auditor Hem Bahadur and Subrat Duwara and the fifth,  Auditor Jugal Kishore Tamuli of Nogaon.

The accountants were caught red handed by the police taking a bribe of Rs 3 lakh 34 thousand at hotel Greenview’s room no 7 in Sonari.  The operation was headed by ADC Pranab Bora.

The police also raided four other rooms from where they recovered money. The arrested accountants are being interrogated by the police for further details and their bank pass books are being checked.


(Featured image:lowvelder.co.za)

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