A new world record, Rs 70,501 per kg tea

The Rs 50,000 per kg world record barely stood 24 hours as new world record rs 70,501 was created on the morning of July 31 in the Guwahati tea Auction centre when  Golden tips tea from Maijan garden of Assam Company India Limited fetched Rs 70501 a kg.

In sale no. 31 at the GTAC, held on July 31, a line of Golden Tips from Maijan Tea Estate of The Assam Company Ltd. sold at a new record price of Rs. 70501/- per Kg. This tea was purchased by Mundhra Tea Company of Guwahati and will be shared between their client Steven Plaizier from Belgium, and Namah Marketing, a Guwahati based online tea store.

Just two kilogram of golden tip tea was made by the garden.

Maijan teas were competed for by two other buyers. Prakash Chajjer of Arihant Tea Company says he had an enquiry from an NRI based in California but his bid of Rs. 70100 fell short of the winning bid.

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The Online auction of the World Record

The GTAC is emerging as a centre for showcasing high priced Assam Speciality teas. While Darjeeling tea is known as the Champagne of teas, speciality teas from Assam is a lesser-known and rare commodity. However, there are connoisseurs around the world (and even within India) who are willing to pay a hefty premium for Assam Golden Tips.

The tea was sold by Parcon (India) Pvt. Ltd., the second-largest tea auctioneer in North India, who sell close to 100 million kilograms annually. Surajit Phukan, Executive Director of Parcon (India) Pvt. Ltd. says: “Maijan OR89 was produced during the second flush period this season. This tippy tea has a nice floral nose and a mellow rounded cup which leaves a lingering after taste. It is truly a rare tea.”

Maijan, Assam Company

Vijay Singh Panwar of The Assam Company adds: “Maijan Golden Tips is a specially Hand Plucked Second flush produce from select clonal plants. Its rich aroma and strength are for the true connoisseur. Maijan Orthodox Teas represent the true character of premium upper Assam teas, with unique liquors and Golden Colour.” According to Panwar, the unique inherent character of Maijan orthodox teas come from stress induction in the root zone due to the plantations remaining submerged periodically under the backwaters of the mighty Brahmaputra flows in close proximity to the tea estate.

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Two speciality teas vied for centre stage at the GTAC this week. Earlier a 2 Kg. lot of Mahonari Gold SPCL set a new record price of Rs. 50000 per Kg. and was purchased by Sourabh Tea Traders (P) Ltd. for his buyer from Maharashtra.

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