Abdul Khaleque Expresses Dissatisfaction Over NRC


Expressing dissatisfaction over NRC, Barpeta MP Abdul Khaleque asked ‘Who is Himanta’ saying that he wants to eliminate NRC.

Talking about NRC, Khaleque said that it has been prepared by State and Central Government. He asked Himanta if he wants to challenge both the governments asking him to make it clarify.

He further stated that Himanta has insulted the Supreme Court and the government by making such comments adding that Himanta and Shiladitya Dev have polluted the environment.

Moreover, Khaleque is not satisfied with the NRC saying that many names of Indians have been excluded from it. He further said that daughter of family members of Moslem Uddin who participated in the freedom movement has been excluded from NRC.

Although he congratulated the NRC authorities, the state and central government but still Khaleque was disappointed with the comment of some Minister and MLAs.

He further reiterated that union Home Minister Amit Shah said that the 40 lakh names which have been excluded from NRC were foreigners but 20 out of the 40 lakh names have been included in the final list.

The Barpeta MP further demanded an Extradition Agreement with Bangladesh and asked Amit Shah to hold talks with the neighbouring country. He also demanded that the foreigners should be extradited.

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