Threat to Assam; agricultural land in immigrants’ clasp


The Sarbananda Sonowal led ‘jati, mati, bheti’ government has pushed Assam towards destruction. Why? Because on one hand, it is trying its best to bring in Hindu Bangladeshis to the stare and on the other hand, it is conspiring to shift the fertile lands of the farmers in the hands of immigrant traders (baniya).

At a time when the people of Assam are dying due to erosion, floods and trying to make ends meet to buy a little land, at the same time, immigrant traders are tactically with the help of the state government are acquiring huge stretches of land to construct and develop industries and various commercial establishments.

These traders buying lands in Guwahati along side the National Highway is an instance of this burning issue. This process which had begun during the regime of the Congress is now being carried forward in manifold by the ruling BJP.

In Kamrup (R) as well, how the indigenous people of Assam had to lose their land to these traders can be witnessed in Posoriya. The traders with the lion’s share are Janyak Agarwal, Jagati, Goyal, Jalan and several other non-Assamese traders.

Not one or two bighas of land rather 50 to 100 bighas of agricultural land have been acquired by these business coups. Surprisingly, the brokers involved in these transactions are locals. According to reports, these local brokers earn a hefty amount of Rupees 40-50 thousand as commission or profit.

On the other side, a section of people sell their ancestral properties to these businessmen to earn easy money. Selling these land, people fancy buying JCBs or turn into Dumper owners.

Reportedly, a businessperson named Ajay Jagati has till now acquired 150 bighas of land in Posoriya’s Dalpathar. Local brokers on a daily basis attempt to convince owners of the agricultural land to sell it and if someone denies to do so, a situation of pressuring that owner is created by buying all the land surrounding theirs. It compels them to sell their land going against their will.

Astonishingly, revenue officials, local mandals and others concerned without changing the category of the land provide the immigrant traders with land registration without much delay. This has led to huge industries being constructed which in turn is polluting the environment.

Sources informed that these local mandals file a report certifying the land, which the immigrant traders want to acquire, as inappropriate for farming or that for several years no agricultural work has been undertaken on that particular land. Following the report the businessmen move the revenue circle office, DC office to clear their path of constructing industries, whether category changed or not.

Not only this, these immigrants have been reportedly successful in encroaching government land as well. This is a burning issue which raised concern as to how the lands are cleared with such negligence.

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