AGP hanging on to BJP, Gogoi scent dissidence


The AGP is hanging on to the BJP led alliance for the time being despite Himanta Biswa Sarma fire viewing it as “election rhetoric” but the former Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi has scented dissidence against Sarbananda Sonowal in the latest turn of events.

In a day when all the political flanks were burning full steam, the AGP held a meeting at their headquarter and discussed the criticism of Himanta Biswa Sarma but handled maturely.

It did return the fire to Himanta but rhetoric was arguably election oriented. The summary of today’s meeting was that AGP was not going to bite the bait of Himanta and shall not come out of alliance till the Citizenship Amendment Bill, which was passed by the NDA.

On the other hand Tarun Gogoi, viewed the Himanta’s anti –AGP tirade as the formal announcement of dissidence against Chief Minister Sonowal through the shoulders of the AGP.

According to him, Himanta Biswa Sarma wanted to create a situation so that AGP leave the alliance and he could marshal the BPF alliance against the Chief Minister Sonowal.

“He is an habitual turncoat and he is going to jump again. He was in AASU, he was in ULFA, he was in Congress and now he is in BJP. He will jump again” said Mr Gogoi.

The AGP seemed to have also understood the plan of Himanta and limited themselves to some counter rhetoric while exploiting the situation to score some brownie point amongst the Panchayat viwers.

With Panchyat election just a week away, a strong criticism by Himanta Biswa Sarma on the CAB and Assam Accord, was considered a sort of blessing in disguise for the AGP.

The AGP was long suspected as decoy of the BJP in the local poll. But this utterance has helped them to reposition themselves.

Meanwhile Himanta Biswa Sarma upped the ante and today further criticized the AGP in the election meeting terming the AGP as an obsolete party.


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